2016 Festival awards

Best Actor Male: Eamonn Smith (The Line Rehearsal).
Shortlisted: Michael Gleeson and Vinny O’Loughlin (both I Don’t Know).

Best Actor Female: Donna Ruane (The Line Rehearsal).
Shortlisted: Laoise McKeogh (Escaping the Fun House) and Mary Henry (Izzy).

Best Director: John Farragher (Izzy).
Shortlisted: Seamus Cafferkey (Sway) and Ken Armstrong (The Line Rehearsal)

Winning Script: Izzy by Nicola Keane
Runner-up: The Line Rehearsal by Ken Armstrong

Adjudicators’ Special Awards:

  • Anna Sammon (Lesbian experience that wasn’t – The Authoress)
  • Fiona Poole (Promising Young Actor – Sway)
  • John Farragher (Portrayal of gorilla – Fingers and Toesies)
  • Mary and Orlaith Henry (Harmony vocals – Izzy)
  • Red Card Players (for Costume – I Don’t Know)
  • Laoise McKeogh (for minimalism of set – Escaping The Funhouse)
  • Elizabeth Murphy (disinterested cameo in I Don’t Know)

Fringe Festival 2016 schedule

Tuesday March 15th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

A Test of Mettle
 by Stephen R Bond, Kentucky, USA
Director: James Garvey
I Don’t Know
 by James McLindon, Massachusetts, USA
Director: John Nolan

Wednesday March 16th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

 by Eamonn Dolan, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford
Director: Seamus Cafferky
The Authoress
 by Seth Freeman, California, USA
Director: Seamus Cafferky

Friday March 18th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

Escaping The Fun House
 by Tess Light, New Mexico, USA.

Director: Laoise McKeogh
 Nicola Kean, Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

Director: John Farragher

Saturday March 19th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

Fingers and Tosies
 by Rex McGregor, New Zealand
Director: Joan King
The Line Rehearsal
 by Ken Armstrong, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Director: Ken Armstrong

2016 finalists chosen

The organising committee of the Claremorris Fringe Festival 2016 are pleased to announce that the following plays have been chosen as finalists for this year’s festival:

Title Playwright Address
A Test of Mettle Stephen R Bond Burgin, KY, USA.
Escaping The Fun House Tess Light New Mexico, USA.
Fingers and Tosies Rex McGregor Aukland, New Zealand.
Fourth Wall Syndrome Vishesh Abeyratne Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Henry’s Ear Rick Davis Jnr. Agusta, GA, USA
I Don’t Know James McLindon Northampton, MA, USA.
Izzy Nicola Kean Claremorris, Co. Mayo.
Sail Away Home Richie Heneghan Ballyhean, Co. Mayo.
Sway Eamonn Dolan Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
The Authoress Seth Freeman Oalisades, CA, USA.
The Line Rehearsal Ken Armstrong Castlebar, Co. Mayo.
The One Thing That Makes You Feel Alive Paul Thompson Glossop, Derbyshire, UK

New short plays wanted for fourth Claremorris Fringe Festival of Drama

The Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Drama Festival Committee is looking for scripts for the 2016 Fringe Festival which will be held in March of 2016. The scripts must be fifteen minutes long and must be new original work and be previously unpublished and unperformed.

The Fringe commenced in 2013 when Ken Armstrong from Castlebar won first prize for his play, ‘The Doubles Partner’. In 2014, The Fringe ran alongside the Confined Section of The All-Ireland Amateur Drama Finals, and was won by US playwright and screenwriter Bob Canning with his play ‘What Would Tippi Hedren Do, Hypothetically Speaking of Course?’ Bob Canning was back in 2015 with another winning entry ‘Neustra Dama de las Vinas’.

“As in previous years we’re looking for contemporary work,” said John Corless, Director of the Fringe. “The Fringe serves to showcase new writing and new writers. With that in mind, we’re looking for fresh ideas – fresh approaches. Ideally writers will challenge established thinking and practice. Playwrights should be brave; their work should be entertaining and relevant.”

The 2016 Fringe Festival will be held on Thursday March 10th to Sunday March 13th and on Friday March 18th and Saturday March 19th in Claremorris Town Hall Studio. Two plays will be performed each night – that’s a total of twelve new plays. The plays will be fifteen minutes duration (plus or minus two minutes) and will be independently judged. There will be a first prize of €500 for the writer of the best play with the runner-up getting €250.

Local drama groups will perform the plays and there will be numerous prizes for performance and production. If a writer whose play makes the shortlist wishes to have a drama group to which he or she is attached perform the play, that’s fine too.

Entries must be made here on the Fringe Festival Website. The entry fee for submitting a script is €5.  (There is no admission charge to see the plays during the Fringe.)  The closing date for the receipt of entries is midnight Monday November 30th.

Links: Enter the Fringe Festival 2016 | View the submission guidelines

Submission guide for Fringe 2016

Entries are now being sought for Fringe 2016!  If you think you have what it takes to write a play for the Fringe, please read these submission guidelines.

Submission Guide for Playwrights:
What we are looking for? The Fringe is about contemporary drama based on fresh ideas or fresh approaches. We don’t, and we never will, short-list for performance, scripts based on clichéd characters, themes or approaches. We are looking for fresh, contemporary plays that will entertain and engage the audience. Writers should keep this in mind before submitting.
Include Action. Many entries are too static – they lack action – something happening on stage. People sitting down having a conversation does not make a play irrespective of how interesting the conversation is. Plays need movement.
Cast. Scripts with a large cast won’t make the shortlist.
Length. Each script should have a playing time of fifteen minutes (plus or minus two.)  If you give your script a quick read after you have written it and it reads anywhere around that time, it is in all probability too long. Plays play slower than they read. If your entry is too long or two short we can’t consider it. Length is difficult to judge.
Plays must be new. The play must be your own work and it cannot have been published or performed prior to entry. If your play is shortlisted it cannot be performed or published prior to the Claremorris Festival.
Formatting. Plays will have to be correctly formatted to be considered. (You’d be surprised how many we get that are formatted incorrectly. We simply don’t have the time to try and decipher who is saying what and what is speech and what isn’t.)
Title of file you submit must be the title of the play. (Again, you’d be surprised how many we get that have a different filename to the actual title on the entry form and on the script.)
Your name, address and contact details cannot appear anywhere on the script.
Please use page numbers. These are vital in case we drop your script after we print it.

Continue reading Submission guide for Fringe 2016

2015 results

Here is the complete list of award winners from the Claremorris Fringe Festival of Drama 2015.

Best Script: Bob Canning, California, USA, for ‘Nuestra Dama de las Viñas’
Runner-up Best Script: Sarah Pitard, London, for ‘2:18 Finchley’

Best Actor Male: Martin Wade, The Grey Lake Actors, who played #2 in ‘Crumbs’
Best Actor Female: Vivienne Lee, Half a Breakfast Theatre Group, who played Mam, Wife and Girlfriend in ‘Four Decembers Ago’
Best Director: Ken Armstrong, The Doubles Partnership, for ‘The Visibility’

Adjudicators’ Special Awards:
• Director Ken Armstrong of The Doubles Partnership for multiple roles played by actors in ‘The Visibility’.
• Director Frankie Moran of Long Haired Freaky People Productions for artistic use of sound effects in ‘2:18 Finchley’.
• Director John Paul Murphy for imaginative portrayal of animals and for costumes in ‘The Ape Cage’.
• Director Robbie Gallagher of Grey Lake Actors, for artistic effect of bed prop in ‘Crumbs’.
• Director Moira Mahony of Blendiva Productions, for use of simple door frame representation in both ‘Sleeping Dogs’ and ‘Mr Average’.
• Gearóid Ó hOireachtaigh, Half a Breakfast Theatre Group, for spectacular skateboard stunts in ‘Feline High-Rise Syndrome’.
• Liz Browne and Seamus McNally, St Patrick’s Drama Group for command and fluency of Irish language in ‘Failures’.
• Director Michael Goulding of Half a Breakfast Theatre Group for costume in ‘Four Decembers Ago’.
• Karl Healy of Blendiva Productions for the lighting and sound effects of the death scene in ‘Mr Average.’
• Director Christine McKeogh, Pansart Drama, for paparazzi entrance in ‘Nuestra Dama de las Viñas’.
• Director Michael Goulding of Half a Breakfast Theatre Group for dramatic entrance and use of space in ‘The Last Waltz.’
• Director John Nolan of The Red Card Players for imaginative and artistic use of mannequins in ‘Hospitality’.

Thanks to all who made the festival a success.

Festival programme

Official programme of the Claremorris Fringe Festival 2015, Friday 27th February to Sunday 8th March.

Fri 27th Crumbs
by William Patterson
The Grey Lake Actors – Robbie Gallagher
by Seamus McNally
St. Patrick’s Drama Group, Westport – Mary Carr
Sat 28th 2:18 Finchley
by Sarah Pitard
Long Haired Freaky People Productions – Frankie Moran
The Last Waltz
by Michael Goulding
Half A Breakfast Theatre Group – Michael Goulding
Sun 1st The Visibility
by Ken Armstrong
The Doubles Partnership – Ken Armstrong
by Joe Cottrell-Boyce
Red Card Players – John Nolan
Mon 2nd Music at The Fringe: Sarah Buckley and Shane Horgan
Tue 3rd Music at The Fringe: Linda Conway
Wed 4th Music at The Fringe: Seamus Ruttledge
Fri 6th The Ape Cage
by Paul Thompson
Parched Brigade Drama Group – John Paul Murphy
by Rex McGregor
Half A Breakfast Theatre Group – Richie Heneghan
Sat 7th Mr. Average
by Stephen Lancefield
Blendiva Productions – Moira Mahony
Sleeping Dogs
by Mena Mahon
Blendiva Productions – Moira Mahony
Sun 8th Four Decembers Ago
by Phil Pearson
Half A Breakfast Theatre Group – Michael Goulding
Neustra Dama de las Vinas
by Bob Canning
Pansart Drama – Christina McKeown

You can find out more each play and its author at the site’s Programme page.

Two workshops announced

The Fringe Festival 2015 will feature two workshops for budding playwrights and/or directors. Today we can announce the details of these workshops.

The first is entitled ‘The fifteen minute play – Writing for the Fringe‘ and will be hosted by John Corless, Director of the Claremorris Fringe. In this intensive two-day workshop writers will be encouraged to bring their writing materials with them, be it laptop or quill and inkwell, as the object of the exercise is that each participant will write a 15 minute play by its end. This workshop will take place on Saturday, February 28th, and Sunday, March 1st.

The second workshop will be ‘The Director as Artist‘ and will take place over two days, March 7th and 8th. Whilst set and costume designers pay a huge role, the final creators of the actual performance are the directors who draw all the pieces together on a space we call a stage. In this workshop, we will attempt to explore the nature and constitution of an ensemble using theatrical techniques and skills in the pursuit of excellence. The host will be poet and dramatist Terry McDonagh.

For more details on the Fringe Festival 2015 workshops, please visit the site’s workshops page.

Update: You can now register for either or both workshops at that same workshops page.